Creating and Protecting the Most Valuable Resources In Business

At MVR Solutions, we create and protect the three most valuable resources in business – Brand, Culture, and Reputation. When these three things work in harmony, a company truly thrives.

Our goal with every client is to take them from where they are to where they want to go at any stage of business.

Though our custom business strategy, branding, design, and employee development programs, we build upon your company’s current success to attract even more clients and increase revenue.

Do these sound familiar?

Here are some of the most common challenges you may be experiencing

In today’s busy world, it is all too easy for an employee to accidentally expose your company to threats online. Something as simple as clicking on the wrong link or downloading the wrong file could wreak havoc. Every staff member (from janitorial staff with limited email access all the way to C-Suite Executives) can make a difference in securing your company & client data.  Our corporate cyber safety training programs are fun and interactive to keep your staff engaged and thinking about cyber safety on a long term basis.

Simply put, we measure everything!

Every action in our internet marketing solutions are measured for their potential return on investment.  We can analyze your current website, forms, ad, and sales funnel to increase your marketing efficiency!  Ready for a new campaign? Our targeted campaigns will be set up so you get the most from your marketing budget.  Check out our strategy page to find out how we can help your business.

It is sometimes difficult to fully explain the value of a complex product / service on the first visit to a website.  We offer advanced solutions in content marketing to help educate your potential customers to help them advance into the sales cycle.  Check out of strategy section to see how we can help your sales grow.

At MVR Business Solutions, we measure success by the increase of your revenue! Our efforts are focused to ​​generate more sales and more customers to YOUR business.  Our content strategy consulting or training can help you attract your target client online for your budget.  There may even be grant funding available to assist in your business growth.

Working with MVR will have you saying things like:

Since we started working with MVR Solutions, we’ve had to double our staff to keep up with demand.

“Thanks for all your suggestions and positive involvement in our labourious process of tweaking the web page.  We tried to get this project completed for a year prior to getting MVR’s help.  With your patience and professionalism, this large website (over 750 billingual pages) were created and organized in under six months!”

Roderic Beaujot, Population, Change, & Lifecourse Cluster

“It looks great!!! We really like it and feel it shows who we are to the world. Thank you!”

April Wiper, Fringe Hair Spa

“. . .the website looks fantastic! Thanks for the great work. The layout, layering and prioritization of items is sensible and intuitive”